BisonBison – Expanding (Review)

Toronto-based quintet BisonBison return to the electronic world with their most exciting single to date ‘Expanding’. Released December 6th via Zozaya Records, the track is part of their upcoming debut album Hover, which is to be released February 7th. As an outfit, the talent in BisonBison streams with excitement. Known as a collaboration of producers Dani Ramez and Chad Skinner, drummer Brad Weber, harpist Sinéad Bermingham, and vocalist Sophia Alexandra. Experimentally wonderful, the electronic collective draw main influences from Bonobo, Helios and Christian Löffler, whereas their back catalogue inspirations comes from trip-hop, jazz and folk. 

‘Expanding’ begins with a string section that captivates the soundscape through what feels like a battle scene in Lord of the Rings. As the track progresses, it finds its feet firmly fusing folk with a downtempo electronica. Hypnotising and somewhat groovy, the boundaries that the band cross to illuminate their originality is breathtaking. Speaking of the track they note: “The song ‘Expanding’ is about embracing change with grace even when that might mean losing someone you hold dear. It is about witnessing, holding, and supporting one another in those moments of realization. The moon is a symbol which illuminates the cycles of growth and expansion in our inner lives as well as our shared ones.”

Score: 4.5/5


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