Jools – Hysterical Starving Naked (Review)

Released at the beginning of November, Jools are impressing fans all around the country in their debut single “Hysterical Starving Naked”. Leicester based punk rockers serve up a fiery emotive throughout their distinctive sound. With eyes into their stance on socialism, the use of social media and their political views, the debut number demonstrates the true values of the band. For fans of the ever-growing post-punk scene, the sextet draw inspiration from bands such as Shame, Idles and FONTAINES DC. Formed after being inspired by Shame’s television performance on Jools Holland, the name came naturally to the band from then onwards. 

Echo in a fuzzy and aggressive nature, the distorted work in Hysterical Starving Naked delivers pure venom. Tension builds throughout the track, but the truth that lies behind it is ever so relatable to many out there. Surrounding a wall of sound, the passionate chorus will linger in your thoughts for weeks to come. Crunching their way onto the scene, this band’s career is going to blossom into something special, you heard it here first. 

Score: 3.5/5


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