Kita Menari – Tonight (Review)

Released November 1st, Kita Menari’s ‘Tonight’ is a pulsating upbeat track dealing with a different matter in it’s subject. As the synth-pop brainchild of Dutch artist Micha de Jonge, ‘Tonight’ is another slice of Kita’s new upcoming EP (20th November release). Sounding like the lovechild of half.alive and Phoenix, the track is a tribute to a friend with “a lust of life that went far beyond anything this world could ever offer him”.

The song is a tribute to a troubled creative genius with a lust for life thatwent far beyond anything this world could ever offer him. Someone whomade waves wherever he went and left others believing that anythingwas possible.Some people leave deep imprints on our lives that neverleave us, even if they do. A sensational memorial for what seemed like a vibrant friend of Kita’s. Highlighting a colourful instrumentation in the arrangement, ‘Tonight’ will fill up any dance floor with it’s infectious indie vibe.

Score: 3.5/5


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