Yard Arms – A Glossary of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts (Review)

Bristol-based duo Yard Arms fuse a jangle-pop powerhouse arrangement with late noughties euphoria in their sound. Comprising of long time collaborators Noah Villeneuve and Billy Golding, keen followers will remember them from previous projects such as Archimedes. Moving on with their sound and uplifting any mood, their latest EP “A Glossary of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts” was release back on November 1st. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Stage 2 Studios with producer Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw), the EP explores heartache and relationship breakdown. 

“A Glossary of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts focuses more outwardly and is commentary on the human condition, mental health and trauma”.

‘Idea of Me & You’ compliments the band’s jangle-pop sound with being an infectious melody that will linger for a while after listening too. Influenced by the likes of The Cure, the feeling of nostalgia surrounds the atmosphere with compassion. Grabbing you in further, the originality in the song is the mixture of today’s indie mainstream sound with an 80s vision. A great start to an EP that seems like it’ll evolve. “Keep On Laughing” may sit behind a generic chord progression, but it’s the contagious vocals that fill the aura with a loveable nature. Somewhat predictable with it’s rhythm, the production is polished and brings out melancholic sounds that need a silver screen.

Comfortable” was released as a single before the EP was dropped. Featuring emotive support and an atmospheric depth of raw lyrical charm, the comforting sound (no pun intended) in the mix feels simply at home. “Heavy Silences” fixates itself in an indie arrangement with shoegaze influence buried in the mix. Rounding off the EP in a glistening way, Heavy Silences has to be the strongest track on the whole EP. Including pulsating rhythm sections, the repetitive guitar melodies haunts the aura until the very end. A fantastic way to end an EP that needs a gold medal. 

Score: 7/10

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yardarmsmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yardarmsmusic
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/yardarmsmusic

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