LeyeT – more thoughts (Review)

LA based indie-pop singer-songwriter LeyeT returns with her second EP of the year entitled ‘more thoughts’. Having earned solid support and debating live in LA & NYC, LeyeT’s debut EP ‘thoughts’ created a lot of buzz for the artist. Sticking with the hype, the songwriter shoots further into her indie-pop career. Including six tracks of purity, the EP highlights themes of friendship, self-relfection, the negative effects of social media and more. Bringing different sounds from across the spectrum, the acoustic confessionals to surging synth gems secure an exceptional step in LeyeT’s career. 

“This EP is a snapshot into my mind and life–a continuation of my thoughts which are always running. I’ve been in a season of growth and independence which led me to explore themes outside of love and heartbreak, topics that were prevalent in my first EP. I’ve learned more about myself in the process and feel even more confident in who that is-a rather relentless, driven, free spirit.”

Opening track ‘Room For Me’ features a pure message of self-love and how you should always look after yourself first and foremost. An anthem for people suffering with their identity, today’s society will benefit extremely from this soothing number. It’s the perfect track to stick on your ‘chilled’ playlist and to take some ‘me time’. Sticking with theme of love, ‘Notice You’ sparks a new level of maturity in the EP. Instead of speaking about lust and the honeymoon period as such, the track details the feeling of longing for a deep connection with someone and how when you find it, keep hold of it. Featuring a livelier arrangement, the upbeat anthem feels at home.

Trying Still’ lingers in a sense of comparison on social media. We all get stuck in it sooner rather than later. Wrapped up within social media and sometimes even addicted to ‘likes’, LeyeT speaks about staying true to yourself.  ‘Rabbit Hole’ sticks to the negative effects of social media. Surrounding itself in an alternative pop aura, the hook line is infectious and refuses to be ignored. ‘Simpler Times’ displays the memories and emotion of the simplicity of being a child. We always long for days like that again, but reminiscing is good enough and with songs like this to remind you, it makes adulthood that little bit easier.  Album closer ‘Good Ones’ inherits the prominent themes of the EP while surrounding itself in a strong pop arrangement. A feel good number that will leave you sticking the EP on repeat. 

Score: 7/10

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsLeyeT/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsleyet
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsleyet/

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