Gabriela Geneva – Sweeter (Review)

After relocating to Toronto in 2017, Gabriela Geneva evolves with every performance whether that being in songwriting or on stage. Developing a pure Pop/RnB sound, her signature sound streams with originality and honest lyrics. Her debut single ‘Sweeter’ illustrates a personal experience like no other. Co-written in LA with Matt Genovese (PRETTYMUCH, 4TH AVE) and Zach Sorgen (winner of NBC’s Songland with Charlie Puth), the dynamic pop track beams with confidence and a slick bass line.

“Sweeter” tells the story of looking at a relationship through rose-tinted glasses. Described as the honeymoon period, the period of time showcases how you see your partner as ‘perfect’. Illustrating the loved up aura with a luscious pop arrangement, Gabriela’s vocals sore through a powerful atmosphere. Based round a bass and drum groove, the evocative pop record could well be the single that gets her name in lights.

Score: 3/5


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