Solstis – Miss You (Review)

Returning with the infectious “Miss You”, Solstis are the Seattle-based producers that keep on giving. With their “As The Sun Hits” EP set to release October 11th via Lowly Palace, “Miss You” guides the producers in the right direction. Andy Garcia and Brandon Myers started the collaborative journey many moons ago in a rock band in high school. Maturing and finding their love for electronic dance music, they resonated within the emerging future bass movement. 

“Miss You” takes us through a rich ambient soundscape. Featuring textured percussion, loose vocal samples and soothing guitar melodies, the transcending piece is out of this world. Reflecting on the track, the duo had this to say: ‘Miss You’ showcases the more relaxing side of our new style. Rather than trying to create a really energetic feeling, this particular track has a very down to earth feel. We wanted to step away from our tracks always having a “drop” and focus more on creating a floating feeling that carries throughout the song as a whole.” Sparkling in it’s own flavouring of electronica, the track is suited for any type of environment. 

Score: 3.5/5


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