Sunny State – Solutions (Review)

Capturing a fresh modern take on Reggae, Sunny State’s ‘Solutions’ is energetic and a positive track about love and empowerment. Formed official in early 2019 by Chris Reed due to Reed being asked to open up for a friend’s new band. Marking their debut performance, the band realised this should become a regular thing of spreading positive vibrations with their reggae music.

Identifying that even though the world is flawed, there are still beautiful aspects in it. Written with the influence of Chris’ daughters, the track is about focusing on solutions and not getting stuck with the negative problems of the world. Wanting people to come together, the song features a sing-along chorus that could draw a whole community in to sing. A feel good reggae number that will remind you of the warm summer that just passed on by in the Northern Hemisphere or what’s to come ahead if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Score: 3.5/5


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