Chay Snowdon – Men Cry Too! (Review)

Released September 20th, the fierce indie collective Chay Snowdon are ready for an arena in “Men Cry Too!” Plymouth based quartet Chay Snowdon have already played some of the UK’s finest festivals from Dot to Dot, Boardmasters, 2,000 Trees and many more. Finding their feet firmly on the stage in the zone, it’s no wonder these guys are getting the recognition they deserve. Armed with a powerful voice and a unique tone, frontman Chay Snowdon and band are ready for the next level. 

Described as music for the people, ‘Men Cry Too!’ explores the need to support one another. Communicating with an exceptional music arrangement, the grit filled indie track is simply infectious. Becoming one of the UK’s most likeable up and coming bands, the meaning behind the track is personal. Written following the band overhearing a conversation with a man telling his friend to simply ‘man up’, the saying doesn’t fit in today’s society any more but it’s still used a lot. Men cry as much as females, and for some people around the world, that seems mad. An important message wrapped round the iconic sound of Chay Snowdon makes the band take it up another gear. 

Score: 3.5/5


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