Me Not You – I Should Know Better (Review)

Dream-pop duo Me Not You return with brand new single “I Should Know Better”. NY based, the alternative two piece dropped the ethereal track September 18th via MNY Music. Already gathering up a reputation unlike any other, the duo toured alongside avant-garde Gary Numan on his USA and Canada tours. Channelling the inner Siouxsie Sioux, there’s a sense of Cocteau Twins in the realm of this number. 

“I Should Know Better” washes into it’s own originality. Embracing it’s alternative sound, Nikki’s vocals summit the soundscape with a smooth texture. With the staggering “I Should Know Better” lyric, it plays the prominent part and holds a memorable gaze. Stating that nothing good happens after 3am (sounds like a How I Met Your Mother quote), the track is about doing the thing you know you’ll regret the following day. Choosing to be in that moment rather than being responsible, it’s filled with an enchanting confidence that screams with attitude. 

Score: 4.5/5


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