Miss June – Bad Luck Party (Review)

Highly energetic quartet Miss June have dropped their debut album “Bad Luck Party” and it’s already becoming the talk of the town. Somewhere in between Wolf Alice and Sonic Youth, the Aotearoa punks are signed to influential NY indie label, French Kiss. 

Storming its way at number one on the track list, “Twitch” kicks the album off with a lively presence. A previously heard single, the confidence in this song feels present and bursting from the seams. Including a contagious melody and thundering instrumentation, the story behind the track is simply unexpected. About Annabel Liddell’s first year of clinical placement at Medical School, it’s about the first time she operated on a living human being. Somewhat sinister but pretty cool, the nervous number beams with hope.  “Best Girl” already sits at the front of their discography and it’s a personal MoggBlog favourite. For all the punks and for anyone that’s been mistreated in their life, the post-punk number features Liddell up, close and personal with an infectious production. “It’s a bad luck party, and nobody wins but me”

Aggressive and refusing to be ignored, “Two Hits” may be short in length, but the fast paced instrumentation includes the band at their angriest. Explosive and feeling like a volcano eruption, the punk-pop number fuses angst with irritation. You don’t want to skip this one for sure. “Anomaly” compliments grunge while holding onto a prominent pop melody. A force to be reckoned with, you can hear a subtle influence from 90’s rockers such as Liz Phair. Filled with hook lines that will linger in your head for a while, Anomaly is a memorable moment on the album. “Orchid” includes a soft side while it’s angst inside is awaiting to erupt again. What I love so much about Miss June is that they have the power to tell a story within both tempo sides. Drooling in rage but at the same time vulnerable, “Orchid” blossoms into a tall colour, all it needed was water to help it bloom. 

Double Negative” may be a slow burner, but when it fully kicks in, there’s no skipping. Once again, featuring both sides of the band, the glorious chord progression that ignites itself towards the end highlights the post-punk meets alternative rock movement in the band. “Enemies” aka the lovechild of Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails, there’s something industrial in the instrumentation that thunders it towards that side. Filled with attitude, the noise-rock number is ready for world domination. “Aquarium” feels somewhat trapped with the lyric “I could have been anything, but instead I chose to be with you” securing that nature. Stuck in a fish tank of thoughts perhaps? It sounds like anger in the middle of a heated argument. Nevertheless, a scorching moment that will leave you speechless. 

Scorpio” is simply the sister of “Anomaly”. Transporting us back to the 90s, the nostalgic number lacks in a memorable hook. Saying that, it still holds onto the high energy that the album holds. “Please Waste My Time” is the sound of a tornado on a rampage. Sounding like Bad Brains had a jam with Alanis Morissette, if this doesn’t start a mosh pit at a live show, the world is doomed. Last track “Polio” crunches into our ears while the fuzz driven bass line refuses to be left out. A thunderous debut from a band that you won’t get tired of hearing. 

Score: 8/10


September 28th – The Flapper – Birmingham
September 29th – Yes – Manchester
September 30th – Headrow House – Leeds
October 1st – Poetry Club – Glasgow
October 2nd – Sneaky Pete’s – Edinburgh
October 5th – Tiny Rebel – Cardiff
October 6th – Port Mahon – Oxford
October 7th – Rough Trade, Bristol
October 9th – Latest Music, Brighton
October 10th – The Lexington, London

Website: http://ihatemissjune.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missjunenz/
Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/ihatemissjune/

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