Acid Vision – Little Moon (Review)

Acid Vision formed late 2018 and gigged from the start of the year before taking a break shortly after releasing their debut EP in March. After their former bassist left, the band started to focus on improving their songwriting and play a different style of music to what they normally would have. Released August 9th, ‘Little Moon’ is the collective’s latest offering, and it simply shoots the band up to the moon. Showcasing the growth of the band and maturity, it pours with originality and personality. 

‘Little Moon’ is like their comeback song in a way. About the idleness at the end of a failed relationship, the moody but colourful arrangement implies the loss of energy that can feel. Instead of moving on and getting over the relationship, the song tells the story of boxing up your emotions and leaving them to simmer. Musically, the track feels slightly psychedelic mixed with an indie rock perspective. Vocally, it’s not as imaginative as hoped, but the spacious effect on the vocals brings the song into an intimate gathering. A tight quintet with definitely a lot of passion for what they do. Looking forward to hearing how they progress as an outfit. 

Score: 3/5


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