Clubhouse – Lucky Soul (Review)

Electro-pop Clubhouse return after a year long hiatus with their new single “Lucky Soul”, and don’t we feel lucky to have them back! Fitting like the glass slipper on Cinderella, the tune fits the summer perfectly. Stick it on while you’re sunbathing outside or even just driving down the road with your friends. After the band took some time off while singer Max Reichart underwent treatment to Osteosarcoma, the band are back stronger than ever. Delivering an energetic performance through the studio version, the band are known for their highly positive live shows too.

“Lucky Soul” is about that one person in your life who you’ve shared some great memories with and helped you through the tough times. Sadly, that one person just drifted away and it simply wasn’t meant to be, the band prove that in this circumstance, it’s ok. Turning the negative situation into a positive, some people are simply meant to be in your life for ever, whereas others aren’t. Keeping that in mind, the band have generated a sound that will keep you present and happy right in the NOW. Vibrant and leaving you with a smile on your face, Clubhouse have created a wonderful soundscape for their fans. 

Score: 4/5


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