Robert Randolph and the Family Band – Have Mercy (Review)

Here with probably the most uplifting track you’ll hear this month, this is Robert Randolph and the Family Band with “Have Mercy”. To make an empowering number, you need to partner it with a moving video as well, and it’s safe to say this has been accomplished. Bringing you up to speed, the family band isn’t just the name, they actually are a family collective. Consisting of cousins and siblings, the gospel group are here to keep a big cheesy grin on your face. 

Starting with a simple but Pink Floyd ‘Breathe’ like chord progression, the soul number escalates into a battle of coming to terms with your feelings. With the qualifications to get you up on your feet and to jive in time to the music, this track can lift anyone’s spirits up even if they’re not religious. During the video, they showcase the choir that they used during the recording. Creating a powerful essence, the elevating psyche is incredible. “Have Mercy” is took off the new upcoming album “Brighter Days”, due for release August 23rd via Provouge/Mascot Label Group. 

Score: 3.5/5

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