Georgia Meek – When You’re Sober (Review)

Based in London, Georgia Meek has already gained support from Huw Stephens and BBC Introducing. Building her own repertoire, the songwriter is back with the infectious “When You’re Sober”. Bold and making a statement, the electronic artist is bound to be delivering deep indie pop ballads for years to come. Taking her experiences and handing them on a plate for listeners to relate to, the new single is powerful.

Georgia stated that the song is simply about how we complain that others treat us badly when we do the exact same thing to ourselves. It’s the oldest trick in the book… treat others how you wish to be treated. A strong subject is took to the next level with it’s uplifting arrangement. This is a track that you’ll be hearing on Radio 1 in no time. Taken off her upcoming EP “Pop Culture” (due later this year), the electronic pop production images Georgia’s visions stop on. A class single from an emerging artist who is one to watch. 

Score: 3.5/5

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