Soulhole – Bottle It Up (Review)

From the south coast of the UK, Soulhole are five guys with a powered fusion of blues and funk rock as their most prominent genres. The age of the band as a whole is coming up to 5 years old and you can tell that through their latest single “Bottle It Up” as they have pure chemistry. With an album and an EP already under their sleeves, the band don’t hold back and 2019 will see the release of their second anticipated EP. 

“Bottle It Up” was only released two days ago and it’s already generating good publicity for the band, as it should, it’s a groovy track. The song deals with keeping things to yourself sometimes being the easier option. As most human’s do, we bottle things up and presume that things will get sorted by itself, sometimes it works, whereas most of the time, that’s probably not the best idea. Everything about the song is warming though, even the meaningful subject is comforted and reassured that it’s ok to bottle things up sometimes. The guitar tone that is ever so bright, can’t ever be missed. The vocal phrasing is memorable and has a kind of care like nature with the way Jordan says “yeah, I just bottle it up.” I can hear heavy soul music influenced in this track with the drums constantly grooving just like Bernard Purdie would do. Towards the end, we get to a breakdown that’s filled with drum fills, and a juicy riff that takes us back into the chorus’ chords. As a whole, the tune is filled with everything that you’d want a funk blues track to have, the attitude and flavour. Soulhole are filled with soul & it’s flowing out of control…

Score: 3.5/5


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