Klay Cartier – Chrome Hearts

Forget about having a chrome heart, Klay Cartier has a heart of gold. Receiving praise from the likes of NOTION, CLOUT, The Pit London and Wordplay Magazine, there’s no denying that this artist is destined for his name in lights. Poised with songwriting that situates somewhere between roots, R&B and hip-hop, Klay Cartier is back with another string to his ever-growing bow.

Speaking about the new release ‘Chrome Hearts’, Klay explains, “This song kind of captures the hopes and dreams you have when you’ve started to like someone. Those gushy feelings, the butterflies and how you catch yourself smiling just by thinking of them. It’s definitely an ode to a pure and innocent love. I approached the producer Bam Keith with the idea of a song I wanted to do with him, he created the beat in under 15 minutes and we both wrote our verses in a day and to be honest it felt like magic you know? We were in the zone and created something really unique and full of cool vibes.

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