Thea Lissi – Won’t Be Mine

This American songwriter has been on my radar for quite some time, and you won’t be surprised when you hear ‘Won’t Be Mine’. Musically, the track is based around a gorgeous country-pop arrangement and is a vital asset to Thea Lissi’s growing discography. Sounding like the offspring of Americana and Country, this song is poised with confidence yet needs your hand for reassurance.

Speaking about her new release, Thea Lissi shares, “I was inspired to write “Won’t be Mine” while trying to leave my now ex-husband. I tried for years to make the relationship work & he didn’t seem to care. Once I left he finally changed but it was too late. We tried for 2 years to make it work but I just wanted to be free and for him to let me leave.

Which then led to me finding my passion for writing music again and writing “Won’t Be Mine”. Although WBM was written before my other releases, I wasn’t able to record it until 2021 when I finally found a guitarist.”

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