Nomad Anthem – Smile

With only three years under their belt, Nomad Anthem feel like they’ve been around for years and claimed their territory. Back with punk, hook-driven number ‘Smile’, you can instantly tell why this band have received praise from the likes of Stiff Little Fingers and The Wildhearts. Based in the North East, the punk rock trio are definitely back, better than ever.

Speaking about the punk infused number ‘Smile’, Nomad Anthem share, “When I think of ‘Smile’, I think of the vibe portrayed when Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch are all sitting around the table at Dog Years at the end of American Pie. It’s a reflection of a particular summer. 2011 was the year that my core of close friends started to part ways due to work, travel, having families etc. And yet despite the sad nature of the story, we made some incredible memories one last time. I think most of us can relate to at least one summer like that before transitioning into the adulting phase of life. It’s not the end but things will never be the same again.”

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