Cat Ryan – Rex Mundi

A band I’ve closely followed for a while, Cat Ryan consistently brings something new and energetic to the table with each release. Back with the astonishing new single ‘Rex Mundi‘, this track could make the dullest of days become a rainbow.

Mary-Anne (singer, writer & multi-instrumentalist) opens up about the song: “‘Rex Mundi’ came to fruition whilst I was visiting my family’s remote farm in rural Ireland. Having recently finished university and with no service or any wifi, I was able to sit down and write without distractions. The musical basis for the song arose from a fun bassline I created with a midi keyboard. With the addition of the upbeat drums, it evolved into a fast-paced song which, naturally, called for lyrics with a fast-moving theme – hence the greyhounds! In terms of the lyrics, these came about after visiting my aunt and uncle nearby, where I learned that they’d recently got a new greyhound named ‘Rex Mundi’ (Latin for ‘King of the World’), which instantly resonated with me and, as greyhounds are known for their speed, it seemed like a perfect theme to fit with the musical vibe.

This meant the band quietly worked behind the scenes on their upcoming EP (due for
release in autumn 2022)

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