Elektro Guzzi – Prototyp

Astonishing live techno trio Elektro Guzzi have released their latest single, ‘Prototyp’ on the 26th of November. The single is taken from their upcoming LP, Triangle, slated for release on the 18th of March 2022 via their own imprint, Palazzo.

Now there’s beauty to be found in life: especially in the symmetry of precision and a driving beat. Take the instrumentation of a rock band and the driving force of a machine and you’ll create Elektro Guzzi. ‘Prototyp’ is the first single to be revealed from the trio’s upcoming album, painting a picture of vivid audio and the deeply innovative faux electronic sounds to be found within

Speaking of the single, Elektro Guzzi tells us: “‘Prototype’ was the centrepiece of a live set that we recorded in our studio in Vienna (while working on the Triangle album). For us, it represents the energy and drives that we always aim for when we improvise together. All sounds happened spontaneously but blend together so well.”

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