dj poolboi ft Clio – la nuit n’en finit plus

Born and based in Austin, Texas, dj poolboi finds inspiration in all forms of music, including experimental, indie, classical, contemporary pop and even film scores. His latest single, ‘la nuit n’en finit plus (feat. Clio)’ can be likened to the works of Claire Laffut, Cocteau Twins, Beach House and Slow Dive.

With his latest single, dj poolboi takes a favoured old song and delicately drapes it with rolling synths. In it, we explore an unfailing joy for life and all the ups and downs that it carries: between the unhurried bittersweet moments and the simple joys there lies Clio and her honeyed vocals making their way into your heart.

Speaking of the video, Julie Reynaud tells us: “When minutes seems to be hours in an endless night, what about going out for a nocturnal walk in the city of light celebrating being alive? I think this what is about this music video : turning loneliness from burden to blessing”.

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