BLK – Girl Magic

Make way for new R&B royalty BLK! Back with their six track EP ‘Girl Magic’, the Toronto trio are quickly becoming a household name on the international music scene. Produced by Pops (Drake, Machine Gun Kelly) & Lowner, BLK sings unapologetically over rich guitar chords and rhythmic 808s.

“The song is empowering, and it gives me a sense of community. We’ve all been there dealing with an ex, and this song lets girls know that the grass is always greener on the other side.”Bexk

“You stand in your way. You had a chance, should’ve done better. My verse embodies you blocking your blessings within a relationship.” Lilac X

“Sometimes food expires, sometimes men expire..either way, you have to throw the trash out. & that’s on ‘Girls’.”Khatalia Korahjay

Paired with female empowerment and positioned to be the soundtrack for every woman dealing with a significant other who needs to get kicked to the curb, ‘Girl Magic’ is best described as iconic.

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