Penelope Darling – Tears Run Red

UK singer songwriter Penelope Darling is certainly the artist that will leave you mesmerised by her songwriting. Bringing her authenticity to the fore-front, Penelope stands at the front simply because she writes music with tonnes of meaning. As she candidly explains: “Every song I’ve ever written has truth, a personal story or about someone I care about. But this song is different. It’s my hardest time, sung in poetry. I’m so proud of what we have created with Tears Run Red.”

Tears Run Red” is a sincere R&B ballad with layers of emotion. Detailing the heartache, struggle and strength that Penelope holds, the relatable offering creates a safe haven for fans that may be going through similar issues. “Writing music is my therapy. Having the ability to create something beautiful, out of a dark situation is like magic. This song is honest and vulnerable like nothing else I’ve ever written. The beauty of songwriting is that you discover all these emotions that you didn’t know you had. You learn so much about yourself, as well as allowing yourself to heal. If you’re someone that heals with music, I hope you find a connection with this song that allows you to do that.”

One word for this – breathtaking.

You can find Penelope Darling on Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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