Interview with Darla Jade

One of my favourite current pop artists Darla Jade stopped by MoggBlog HQ to chat about her debut EP ‘Disconnect‘, artist recommendations and something she’d changed about the music industry.

What made you decide that music is the right path for you?

Music is something that I’ve always loved from a young age! I used to do a lot of musical theatre as a kid and started going to lessons when I was around 4 or 5. I also used to put on shows in my nan’s living room – singing all the nursery rhymes that I knew when I was 3 haha. I definitely knew that I wanted to be in the musicĀ industry, howeverĀ it wasn’t until I was around 15 that I really started toĀ love pop music andĀ I started performing all over the country in pubs and clubs etc! I then started writing at the age of 18 after I finished college!

Do you prefer performing live or recording, and why?

Oh it definitely has to be live – there is honestly no better feeling than sharing your songs with an audience. I do enjoy recording though, as you can certainly be more picky with how you want things to sound etc, but the ‘in the moment’ feel and adrenaline you get when it’s a live performance just hits different!Ā 

If you could change about the music industry, what would it be?

I wanna see way more representation!! I would love firstly for the industry to have more femaleĀ representation in writing and production, I also wanna see women over the age of 30 being emerging and upcoming artists that areĀ in the charts, I wanna see more variation of genres getting in the top 40. I know that on Spotify and Dsp’s there is soo much varied music, but it feels there isn’t enough support in the higher part of the industry, whether that be radio, tv, or labels to really create equal representation.Ā 

Give our listeners some music recommendations that we should check out!

Aahh so many – I love finding upcoming artists/bands, so here are a few I’d recommend that I’ve been loving recently – Zela, The Kind, Megan Dixon Hood, Cathy Jain & Lucy BlueĀ 

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that

So my latest release was actually last Friday (30th July) and it was my debut Ep – Disconnect. I’m so excited that I’ve finally released it as it’s been a long time coming!The EP has 3 lighter tracks and 3 darker tracks, as I think there is quite a lot of light and shade within my music, so I wanted to really capture that within my first EP! Disconnect was the perfect splitter song into the darker side, which is why it’s the title track!

Photo credit: @peachypicturesuk

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