YNES – God’s Little Punching Bag

Released today via GRRRL GROANNN, YNES‘ new single ‘God’s Little Punching Bag’ is easily one of her strongest productions to date. The year of YNES, 2021 may not started in the best way possible, but this year has certainly been kind to the post-punk queen. Planning multiple single releases throughout summer and autumn, YNES is like Kate Nash if she went down an avenue of punk and alcohol.

Speaking about the hard-hitting new single, YNES shares, “Sonically, ‘God’s Little Punching Bag’ mainly takes inspiration from the Britpop revival of the mid-to-late 2000’s – whilst still maintaining it’s own sense of DIY imperfection. This is appropriate to mention – because the track itself is about embracing the imperfect. It’s three and a bit minutes of opening your arms and saying “do your f*cking worst”.

The outcasts have always been empowered, I just didn’t know it then. I used to welcome pity for living a life less than perfect, and I embraced my fate as a basketcase. In whatever form the universe throws you a punch to the face, GLPB is the anthemic angst that shrugs “what, you expected me to cry?”

This lady could easily be on Jools Holland in a matter of months, and you’ve heard it here first.

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