John Murry – The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes

Released at the end of June, John Murry’s highly anticipated album The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes certainly lives up to expectations. Receiving love from Uncut, MOJO and The Guardian, the Americana icon is a captivating artist proving that the legendary genre has a new sheriff in town. An album of startling imagery and insinuating melodies, the LP is armed with a burning honesty and intimate moments.

Telling emotive stories that reflect his life experiences, there’s also moments of humour to show that he’s not always serious. The playfulness is reflected in the video below, directed by the actor Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones/Peaky Blinders/The Wire).

“We had been talking about various ideas for videos for a while,” Gillen says, “And I had this idea of John floating around my house – or did that happen in real life? – anyways I liked the idea of a John puppet floating around upside down and mentioned this to him, His ex had made this puppet with an uncanny likeness and I used whatever technology I had to hand – a phone camera, a stabilising gimbal and a two-euro macro lens to try and make something that looked nice for the puppet part. I mean, it’s not all in focus, but there a bit too much of that these days. I was asked for the puppet back, but I’d already lost it somewhere.”

A stand out moment for me personally is the remarkable cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’. Putting on his own twist of the already iconic number, this spine-tingling indie number will definitely leave you stunned from its beauty. John shares, “That song was about Simon Le Bon being in a grocery store. I didn’t know that until later. He realised that he was no longer famous in that way. He was shopping and realising, ‘I need to do this stuff on my own and figure out how to do it.’ Everything seemed surreal to him. I think in a similar way, I’ve been through the things I’m going to go through, so at this point I feel like I’ve moved through creating records that are about trauma. I’ve worked through those things.”

The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes is not an album for an ordinary world, because it’s not an ordinary album. It’s an album to dive deep into and submerge yourself in, and to emerge from awareness that this world is a remarkable place, and that John Murry is a remarkable artist.

Released via Submarine Cat Records, the 11-track album is utterly breathtaking.

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