Katherine Priddy – The Eternal Rocks Beneath

Released Friday, ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath’ is the breathtaking debut album from folk songwriter Katherine Priddy. Building up a reputation for being one of the strongest artists to come out of the West Midlands in years, Katherine Priddy has received praise from BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music and folk legend Richard Thompson. Back with her highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath’ features ten passionate songs straight from the heart.

Delivered with maturity, confidence and emotion, ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath’ was recorded over a two year period at Rebellious Jukebox Studios, a small basement studio hidden beneath inner-city Birmingham and presided over by masterful producer Simon Weaver. From gentle first number ‘Indigo‘ coming across as a gorgeous bird song with elements of alternative folk, the track transcends into a glistening, spacious production. Previously heard single ‘Wolf‘, which features on Katherine’s debut EP, is track number two. Armed with a distinctive vocal, Katherine’s vocals are best described as unforgettable. ‘About Rosie‘ comes across as gentle and intricate, making it another strong contender on the album.

Inspired by greek mythology, the next two tracks on the album may tell a tale from centuries ago, but they come across as refreshingly up to the times. Telling the story of ‘Icarus‘ flying to near to the sun, this breathtaking number has elements of relatability throughout. What makes Katherine’s songwriting stand out even more is how she uses metaphors to make her historical stories familiar and empathetic. My personal favourite has to be the spine-tingling single ‘Eurydice‘ simply because of its exceptional momentum. Building into a cinematic production fuelled with emotive lyricism, the track tells a darker story than expected. In Greek mythology Eurydice is the wife of the poet Orpheus whom he tried to save from the underworld. Championed by Guy Garvey from Elbow – this is an exceptional number that will go down in Katherine’s history.

Another previous single from the angelic artist, ‘Letters From a Travelling Man’ is fast-paced and comes across as a feel-good number with the power to get you up on your feet dancing. There’s not one bad thing to say about this album, it will make you stop, re-think and embrace life. The album finishes with ‘The Summer Has Flown’ and bookends a chapter of Priddy’s life and musical career to date. The future is exceptionally bright for this songstress, and she is destined to become a star.

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