The New Twentys – I Can’t Afford Her

Indie pop trio The New Twentys are certainly turning heads and making a good impression in the music industry. Back with their second single of the year, ‘I Can’t Afford Her‘ already has over 26,000 streams on Spotify alone since it dropped at the beginning of April. Completely memorable and distinctively their own, this passionate number is delivered with energy from the get go.

On creating their¬†new¬†single,¬†The¬†New¬†Twentys¬†added, ‚ÄúThis song is for everyone who can relate to a silly misunderstanding blowing up into a gigantic issue in a relationship, and made a thousand times worse by a lousy apology. More specifically our song is about¬†the¬†end of a night out where everyone’s judgement is slightly impaired and one of¬†the¬†boys, who has a girlfriend, ends up innocently talking to a prostitute on a street corner because he doesn’t even realise that she is a prostitute.

He was just asking directions, but¬†the¬†rest of¬†the¬†boys think it is funny and film it, and then it gets back to¬†the¬†girlfriend who immediately kicks off. In an awful attempt to save¬†the¬†situation¬†the¬†boyfriend says ‘Well what does it matter? I’m broke and couldn’t afford her anyway.’ Obviously not¬†the¬†most comforting response or form of an apology, but¬†the¬†boy is just an idiot, not disloyal. Essentially it’s just a song poking fun at monumental misunderstandings.‚ÄĚ

Indie rock at its finest, ‘I Can’t Afford Her’ has expensive taste and is best described as a priceless asset in The New Twentys’ discography.

You can find The New Twentys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on their Website.

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