Seafoam Green – House on the Hill

The first single from Seafoam Green’s forthcoming album ‘Martins Garden’ is truly extraordinary. Titled ‘House on the Hill‘, the track is hard-hitting and lets the good times roll throughout. Eagerly anticipated and due for release later this year, if the forthcoming album is anything like this new single, we’re in for a real treat. Armed with a garage rock attire mixed with blues rock elements, the roots based anthem specialises in making listeners dance.

Rebellious and fuelled with attitude, ‘House on the Hill’ is bathed in vibrance and everything you’d possibly need from a rock number. Instantly becoming rock royalty, Seafoam Green could easily find themselves gaining a support slot for the world’s biggest blues artists. Stating that rock and roll never fades away, this soulful attire is a track to get lost in and forget your worries.

As our two heroes implore on this track, “You don’t need keys for the house on the hill”. Come on in, and make yourselves at home.

You can follow Seafoam Green on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp and Patreon.

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