Felix Saunders – I Guess This Is Progress

Straight to the point yet letting you interpret his music in any sort of relatable way, singer-songwriter Felix Saunders releases four track EP ‘I Guess This Is Progress‘. Released the day after Valentines Day, Felix’s distinctive vocals are reflective but mainly impressive. Showcasing that music can be used to connect listeners with relatability, ‘I Guess This Is Progress’ is as relatable as it gets. Walking on familiar ground in the essence that Felix’s music is honest, ‘I Guess This Is Progress’ is his most personal to date.

Recorded at Black Bay Studios and produced by Pete Fletcher, who also played guitars/keyboards on the release, ‘I Guess This Is Progress’ also features Mother Night on additional keys and vocals. The perfect release to put on after a tough day, ‘I Guess This Is Progress’ is vulnerable in places but overall confident and reassured.

A stunning debut EP that draws you in further each listen.

You can follow Felix Saunders on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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