Daimy Lotus – Focus

Daimy Lotus releases ambitious new single ‘Focus‘. A songwriter that’s been mainly writing for other artists the past few years, Daimy Lotus now takes centre stage in her own spotlight. Planning to continue releasing new music with 5 singles scheduled for this year, new music is on the near horizon. Most recent single ‘Focus’ is a commercial pop statement that journeys through bewitching vocals and alternative pop elements.

Daimy Lotus had this to say on the release, “‘Focus’ is about depression and how it can creep up to you without noticing. In particular this song is about me coming to realize I’m in the grip of depression, resulting in feeling overshadowed by a darkness that takes away both my energy and joy in doing things, even the things I love to do, which leaves a metaphorical hole in me. I try to tell myself that I’m doing fine, but I’m not. While being in the grip of depression I also acknowledge that I will overcome it, and that I’m making progress. Though to truly embody this progress, I need to take my time.”

Focus on all things positive in your life, including this captivating new single from Daimy.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daimylotus
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/daimylotus

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