Bad Love – Cashmere Tears

Known for creating ‘sad boy pop’, Bad Love make heart on your sleeve music with tinges of heartfelt pop hooks. Released November 27th, “Cashmere Tears” is a story of watching someone who used to dream big but feeling held back in a relationship. Written, self-produced and mixed during lockdown, this is the first Bad Love release since they signed to label AWAL

On the release, frontman Andy Gannon said, “For me, Cashmere Tears is a song about how the security of home can hold you back. It’s a story of a girl who’s been stuck for too long in something that’s never been good for her. About how if you want more out of life you need to go and get it before you lose your for it spark. The idea of missing out on life has always given me a huge anxiety. The thought of missing out on life scares the shit out of me. I can’t think of anything worse than waking up one day and wishing I’d done things I knew I should’ve.

“Cashmere Tears” steers through realms of electronic and alternative pop with ease, and serves as one of the band’s best tracks to date.


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