Gaby K – Ain’t Worth The Fight

Bringing a unique glimpse into soul-pop music, Gaby K is an emerging artist from Sutton Coldfield. With recent single “Ain’t Worth The Fight” drawing inspiration from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande, Lily Allen and Mae Muller to name a few, this songwriter is bringing her own flavour to the table.

Discussing the message behind the track, Gaby K mentioned, “This song is all about empowerment. We should not settle for someone who does not give us the time and effort we deserve. In my opinion, for a healthy and successful relationship it’s not about materialistic items but rather the priceless effort and attention that you give and is reciprocated. If someone doesn’t feel they need or want to do that and you are having to constant fight for them and ask for something that should be effortless then it’s not worth it. It is not worth fighting for someone who won’t fight for you.

Driven by smooth guitar chords, it’s Gaby’s unapologetic British accent that draws you in further. A breath of fresh air, ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’ is honest and showcases Gaby’s true character.


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