Winnie Ama – What Are We

London based emerging singer-songwriter Winnie Ama unleashes soulful single ‘What Are We‘. Somewhere between R&B, soul and electro pop, this cross-genre artist sounds like Lauryn Hill and Macy Gray jammed and created Winnie Ama.

On her sophisticated new release, Winnie mentioned, ‘”What Are We’ is about having an argument with a group of people and realising that you don’t know the crowd as well as you thought you did. People you thought would be on the same side as you are not, and others who you wouldn’t have expected to
agree turn out to be on your side. Addressing the mad psychological journey that we are all going through together in 2020, my goal is to try and articulate the rollercoaster of emotion we’ve been on with soul on an electronic chill-pop beat.

“What Are We” was recorded in Belgium, produced by Simon Le Saint and mixed by Vito de Luca. Inspired by energy through realms of different genres, this single speaks to many out there.


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