Cianna Bisant – pinky swear

Singer-songwriter Cianna Bisant releases debut 6-track EP ‘pinky swear’. Having grown up with music all around her, it’ll come at no surprise that songwriting comes to the artist as second nature. Written, produced, mixed and mastered all by herself from the comfort of her Columbia University dorm room, the new release is coated in pop specialities.

On the EP, Cianna quoted, “pinky swear” is all stories from my life thus far. In “18”, I’ve just moved to New York and I’m excited for what’s to come, but missing my care-free, no-obligation childhood. In “pinky swear”, I’m reflecting on my tendency to avoid intimacy in relationships because of my past struggles with anxiety and depression that make it hard for me to commit. In “drunk”, I discuss how it felt to go home to an empty room alone after a party on campus when all my other friends had gone home with boys they’d met or boyfriends.

In “grey”, I reflect on grey areas in an abusive relationship, but how I was forced to stay by reasons out of my control. In “pinch me”, I use the ocean as a metaphor for me losing one of my dearest friends too soon. And in “pillow talk”, I’m reflecting on an experience I had in Brooklyn on a rooftop with one of my friends.

‘pinky swear’ uses synth-pop, dream-pop and indie elements mixed with a gentle ambience of folk storytelling. The EP is a real experience for you to get simply lost in.


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