Sylvette – Kelpius (No Shadow Remix)

Sylvette recently released their exquisite second album ‘Stiller Than Still‘. Teaming up with New Order’s bassist Tom Chapman on a remix of single ‘Kelpius‘, the ‘No Shadow Remix‘ was released 6th November. Philippos Rousiamanis, the group’s keyboard player/violinist describes the remix of “Kelpius” as “the industrial twin. It takes the ritual depicted in the original Kelpius and places it in an old metal container where cyborgs dance themselves into a frenzy. The cyborgs however aren’t devoid of any warmth or passion as you’d think. They dance to keep warm”.

‘Kelpius (No Shadow Remix)’ is an electronic anthem that still pays ode to Sylvette’s iconic sound. Drawing you in with it’s infectious beat, this remix is designed to make you move. A different avenue for Sylvette to go down, this remix showcases how versatile Sylvette’s sound is.


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