MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #25

Naama Guggenheim – Shot In The Air

Contemporary soul artist Naama Guggenheim releases delicate anthem ‘Shot In The Air’. A soulful performance straight from a place of uncertainty, Naama’s R&B influence is strong on this release. Coated with alternative sensibilities and jazz chord progressions, ‘Shot In The Air’ touches honestly and serves hooks upon hooks. On the distinctive single, Naama mentioned that, “When you’ve got no back to lean on, it’s time to throw in the towel. This one is the full surrender – the let go. In an album that is a world of rhythm and beats “Shot In The Air” is the moment of truth – do I trust myself enough to go after my dreams?” 

‘Shot In The Air’ gives an insight to an excellent album coming from Naama next year, and something to definitely keep an eye out for. A sensitive atmosphere armed with optimism, the spine tingling performance is melancholic but reassuring. Lyrically, the truthful context is coated with consciousness and comfort. As for the guitar melodies, the instrumentation on the whole track is sincere, and note-perfect. Somehow, it’s saddened theme feels hopeful and intimate, making the overall vibe to the track feel bright and somewhat cheerful.


Pluto & Charon – Sick As A Dog

Taken from their upcoming debut album “Point Demo”, Pluto & Charon release their third single from the release “Sick As A Dog”. An independent quartet that draw influence from Sufjan Stevens, Bon Ever and Arcade Fire to name a few, this outfit are bathed in originality, and that truly shows within the latest single. ‘Sick As A Dog’ is an indie folk composition that feels like a warm, lullaby. Pluto & Charon shared that, “Less of a love song and more of a pure obsessive infatuation song. Most of this was written before I even went on a first date with this person! Even knowing the feeling was bound to fade, it still can hit you like a full on Ralph’s grocery restock semi-truck.”

“Sick As A Dog” is fuelled with brightly coloured harmonies, giving the track a gentle power-pop feel. Highlighting that you don’t always need a big label to help you as an artist, Pluto & Charon are proving that being independent can be the best decision you ever make in the industry. Featuring an infectious rhythm that will get you swaying, Pluto & Charon’s ‘Sick As A Dog’ is quickly becoming one of my favourite new music finds. 


Spirit Sam – Fantasy

Quickly becoming an asset to the ever-growing underground Florida music scene, Spirit Sam releases futuristic influenced new single ‘Fantasy’. Somewhere in between Tame Impala and Santana, the spiritual awakening within this track is breathtaking. Prominently based around soaring guitar lines, lyrically, the track takes listeners through realms of Spirit Sam stated that, “Fantasy describes the confliction lost love can present, and the reasoning behind actions that all together may be hard to swallow.”

An artist that illuminates past, present and future events in his songwriting, Spirit Sam connects with listeners through infectious colours. At only just under 2 minutes long, ‘Fantasy’ still makes a strong impact. Leaving listeners, especially me, wanting more from the track in terms of length, the short number still grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go. Simply sticking the track on repeat gives ‘Fantasy’ the recognition is truly deserves. Featuring a subtle lo-fi production to it’s vision, the cross-genre anthem is prominently set in a psychedelic, dream-pop atmosphere while highlighting a passionate alternative face. Spirit Sam is an artist I’ll definitely be keeping in my ears for a while, ‘Fantasy’ is illustrating like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 


Ryan Edmond – Sky Song

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ryan Edmond is based in Western Australia. Returning with the follow-up to previous single ‘If She Knew’, ‘Sky Song’ is captivating soundscape fuelled with folk-pop moments. On the creation of ‘Sky Song’, Ryanquoted, “I’m currently working on completing my debut album and this song came along after a long conversation with my Grandma over in Australia whilst I’m over the other side of the world in Sweden. It’s about trying to find the positives during these tough times. Such as connecting on a deeper level with loved ones, realizing what is important to you in life and giving the earth a chance to breathe.”

‘Sky Song’ is blissful. A blessing straight from the sky (no pun intended), Ryan’s distinctive vocals are angelic and connect with the music perfectly. Featuring interesting instrumentation to give with the bright arrangement, the track includes a memorable brass line that grabs you in every time. Sounding influenced by artists such as Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, ‘Sky Song’ is the ultimate feel-good number that everyone needs in their life during these uneasy times. A guiding light within the darkness, Ryan’s songwriting will brighten up any dark day. Sit back, and zone out to the stunning soundscape, you deserve it. 


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