MEGG – Shamoo

LA based artist MEGG releases synth-pop infused single ‘Shamoo‘. While the inspiration came from a upsetting place, the instrumentation is fuelled with a vibrant arrangement. Coated in MEGG’s colourful attitude, the large guitar riffs are bathed in fuzz.

β€œI wrote SHAMOO as an anthem to my late Dad’s suburban that was passed down to me when I was 16.
Driving around in that truck provided me an outlet to deal with my grief, gave me a sense of connection to my Dad and eventually became my go to safe space where I could let it all hang out.”,
says MEGG.

β€œNot only was Shamoo my saving grace, but it quickly became that same safe space for my friends! It was the running joke, β€œHey – I’m having a shit day. Can you pick me up and take me for a ride in Shamoo?” There is just something so damn magical about riding around in that beast so I wrote this song as an invitation to join me on the wild ride of letting go. SHAMOO doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve been through or what you’ve done; she only aims to accept you as you are. I hope this song can be to the listeners what my Dad’s suburban always was for me: an escape, a home and a guaranteed good time.

Enjoy 3 minutes of pure personality, ‘Shamoo’ is super catchy.


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