MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #23

Heather Youmans – Shine

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Heather Youmans releases new, highly positive track ’Shine’. A track that’s destined to brighten up any Monday, the upbeat anthem enters with an infectious bass-line that will jive straight towards your heart. A songwriter with endless bows to her string, Heather Youmans is also a tap dancer and actress too. On the radiate release, Heather mentioned, “I wrote the song as a love letter to my younger self and everything “me now” would tell “me then” (You are beautiful, you are strong. Hold your head up and honey let your hair down). I want this song to be an anthem for millennial women like myself, but also ladies everywhere. Lifeʼs hard right now, and I just hope this song gives everyone a much-needed dose of optimism and happiness.”

A magical track that will pause the worries of the world’s current uncertainty, ‘Shine’ sparkles with reassurance. As for the instrumentation, the simplistic soul-pop number is bathed in indie rock elements. Heather’s vocals are ready for the big time, the soulful songwriter is an empowering name to look up to. Honest, emotive and encouraging people to stay true to themselves, ‘Shine’ is simply…wonderful. 


Worcester based singer-songwriter Aaron Yorke returns with heartfelt folk number ‘Games’. An award-winning artist who released his first studio album back in 2006, Aaron is a true asset to the world of indie folk. Known fo this heart on sleeve lyrics and personal lyricism, ‘Games’ is written to someone who needs to move on from a bad situation. Aaron Yorke states that, “Games, is a guitar driven acoustic ballad, written as a message to someone who is having to move forward in life and away from certain toxic people”.

A melancholic arrangement fuelled with uncertainty, ‘Games’ feels relatable during the world’s state. Aaron’s stunning vocals soar with guidance and shields listeners with hope for a better future. Coming to the world in a time of need, this passionate single gives an insight that Aaron Yorke deserves wider recognition. Armed with personal songwriting, Aaron is set to release new music over the coming months that he’s been sitting on for a while. ‘Games’ is simply a track that feels human. It’s imperfections make perfections, and truly sticks out to listeners with it’s powerful message. Aaron Yorke is. songwriter that I’ll be following from here on out, that’s for sure.


MIHI NIHIL – Vertigo

MIHI NIHIL, pronounced as mee-kee nee-keel, are a psychedelic outfit with an indie edge. Somewhere between avenues of post-rock and psychedelia, MIHI NIHIL are back with their latest release ‘Vertigo’. A track that needs to be stuck on repeat, the infectious number will have you spinning around with joy, literally. MIHI NIHIL said this about the release, “Vertigo” is a high-wire act of internal conflict. Its rhythmic angular opening feels like the first moments of a boxing match, while its message speaks to the spiral one can go through of self-loathing, discovery, and embracing oneself.”  Consisting of 4 diverse musicians, MIHI NIHIL is a quartet specialising in creating music without boundaries. Recently featured in new movie ‘The High Note’, it’s wonderful to hear that this outfit are getting the recognition that they truly deserve. 

Recorded altogether in one room, ‘Vertigo’ features a live feel with post-punk undertones underneath the arrangement. An instant classic, this mysterious quartet are living proof that psychedelia and post-punk is far from over. Armed with poetic lyrics and memorable guitar hooks, ‘Vertigo’ is coated in nostalgic elements. Sounding like something that would fit the soundtrack of Fight Club, this moody number is grounded and simply, timeless. 


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