News: Brooklyn based artist Jovian releases the stunning visuals for ‘Better’

Brooklyn based hip-hop and R&B recording artist Jovian delivers a colourful experience in the captivating visuals for recent release ‘Better‘. Already hitting over 288,000 streams on Spotify, the bewitching video highlights Jovian’s ‘cool’ factor, and features a warm colour palette.

It’s not been an up-hill stroll for Jovian all this time though, “In 2013 I was sitting on the toilet and a passing thought came where I told myself: “Maybe I should take [anti-depressant] Lexapro?” and in that moment I promised myself I would either kill myself right there in the bathroom or choose happiness. There was no way I was going to allow myself to feel ‘faux happiness’ from a pill and be a slave to the pharmaceutical industry.

Clearly I chose happiness because I’m here currently speaking about it. From that day on I promised myself I’d use music and any other art form as an outlet for my mental sensations. Since then, it’s my duty to not only expose Hip Hop to people who are ignorant or hateful towards this genre that saved my life but also expose artistic outlets to kids who deal with what I dealt with mentally but may not be encouraged to create or even think about their feelings. I cannot allow kids, especially kids of colour, to feel alone during those times”

Following in the footsteps of previous single ‘Timothée Chalamet”, ‘Better’ is a stunning balance between hip-hop and R&B.

The world is completely ‘Better’ with you in it, Jovian.

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