Martha Hill – Grilled Cheese

Firstly, award for the best title name of the week goes to ‘Grilled Cheese’. Martha Hill’s most recent single is the first single off her upcoming EP ‘Summer Up North’, which is out in a matter of days. Giving an insight into the upcoming release, ‘Grilled Cheese is an indie rock anthem with subtle alt-pop elements.

Martha mentioned, “Grilled Cheese isĀ a dissection of a relationship. Daft arguments about about food prep, bouncing off each other negatively,Ā jealousy, but in the endĀ stillĀ believingĀ thingsĀ are going toĀ getĀ better.

Already hitting over 80,000 streams on Spotify, ‘Grilled Cheese’ takes Martha’s career up to the highest tier.


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