Sean Jeffery – Chemistry

Sean Jeffery, aka a strong asset to Worcesterโ€™s ever-growing music scene, returns withย 7 track EP โ€˜Chemistryโ€™. Kicking the EP off with 90s infused title track, โ€˜Chemistryโ€™ is like The Dandy Warhols mixed with a refreshing indie sound. With all the tracks recorded in Seanโ€™s home studio, and then further mixed and mastered by Richard Wood of the Old Smithy Studios, this distinctive EP is an inspirational indie hit.ย 

Sean quotes, โ€œChemistry is about not accepting that everything in your life is set in stone, or, in fact, in your DNA โ€“ it isn’t a blueprint, it’s a recipe, as Richard Dawkins puts it, and also Sergio Pistoi (Scientific American): โ€œDNA is not a blueprint: itโ€™s a recipe coding for thousands of different proteins that interact with each other and with the environment, just like the ingredients of a cake in an oven.โ€ And you can always strive to change that environment. Specifically with the sound of Chemistry it was always intended as a driving track to either kick off or bring a dramatic end to a gig, with a change to a gentler dynamic duringโ€

โ€˜Photo 51โ€™ features a subtle progressive feel to itโ€™s core, with fragrances of acoustic Porcupine Tree in the mix. A wonderful mellow number that fits perfectly on this well-produced EP. โ€˜Arthur Learns to Flyโ€™ soars with a true brit-pop meets indie-rock arrangement, and features an intriguing instrumentation structure. With the rest of the EP featuring instrumental versions of previous tracks on the EP, the EP closer โ€˜Serotoninโ€™ is a live version from IGTV.

Chemistry EP by Sean Jeffery


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