Sean Jeffery – Chemistry

Sean Jeffery, aka a strong asset to Worcester’s ever-growing music scene, returns with 7 track EP ‘Chemistry’. Kicking the EP off with 90s infused title track, ‘Chemistry’ is like The Dandy Warhols mixed with a refreshing indie sound. With all the tracks recorded in Sean’s home studio, and then further mixed and mastered by Richard Wood of the Old Smithy Studios, this distinctive EP is an inspirational indie hit. 

Sean quotes, “Chemistry is about not accepting that everything in your life is set in stone, or, in fact, in your DNA – it isn’t a blueprint, it’s a recipe, as Richard Dawkins puts it, and also Sergio Pistoi (Scientific American): “DNA is not a blueprint: it’s a recipe coding for thousands of different proteins that interact with each other and with the environment, just like the ingredients of a cake in an oven.” And you can always strive to change that environment. Specifically with the sound of Chemistry it was always intended as a driving track to either kick off or bring a dramatic end to a gig, with a change to a gentler dynamic during”

‘Photo 51’ features a subtle progressive feel to it’s core, with fragrances of acoustic Porcupine Tree in the mix. A wonderful mellow number that fits perfectly on this well-produced EP. ‘Arthur Learns to Fly’ soars with a true brit-pop meets indie-rock arrangement, and features an intriguing instrumentation structure. With the rest of the EP featuring instrumental versions of previous tracks on the EP, the EP closer ‘Serotonin’ is a live version from IGTV.

Chemistry EP by Sean Jeffery


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