Simona Vinternatt – Donโ€™t Leave Me Hanging

Released May 29th, โ€˜Donโ€™t Leave Me Hangingโ€™ is the second single from Simona Vinternattโ€™s upcoming EP โ€˜Lean on Meโ€™. Known for her unforgettable voice, soothing pop arrangements and elegant soundscapes, this artist highlights the importance of using your voice for personal growth.

Simona states, โ€œItโ€™s a modern pop song with a catchy baseline, audacious melodies and a memorable chorus. It tells a story about the pursuit of โ€œthe perfect lifeโ€, which in the end canโ€™t offer us the happiness we are looking for.โ€

โ€˜Donโ€™t Leave Me Hangingโ€™ soars with synth-pop sensibilities, and even indie-rock like production. Fitted with a charming chorus and hook-line, youโ€™ll be thankful that this song will be stuck in your head for days. 

Score: 3.5/5


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