Chevy Chase Stole My Wife – Anxious Teeth

Midlands pop-rockers Chevy Chase Stole My Wife return with quite possibly my favourite track to date. Marking their second release of the year, ‘Anxious Teeth’ was recorded remotely during lockdown. Produced by lead singer Emma Howett, the track tells the story of the ongoing epidemic that’s still not addressed fully… poor mental health in the Uk. An ongoing battle within the world, the importance of talking about mental health builds and builds as the days progress. Chevy Chase Stole My Wife hit the nail on the head with the personal struggles of mental health, and how much it’s also impacted us within the current uneasy times. 

On the release, lead vocalist and songwriter Emma Howett stated, ‘Everyone you speak to has their own mental health story. This song is a reminder not to judge a fish on their ability to climb a tree’.

Fusing an uplifting arrangement with emotive lyrics, Chevy Chase Stole My Wife are the type of band that deserves to be in everyone’s playlist. Something for everyone within their sound, these fun-loving musicians are a strong asset to Worcester’s music scene.

Score: 4/5


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