MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #11

Hannah Scott – 98

London based singer-songwriter Hannah Scott returns with the second single ‘98‘ from her forthcoming album. Hearing the songstress in an emotive soundscape, her elegant vocal tone showcases an artist connect truly with her music. “The song recounts how at the age of 98, Hannah’s paternal Grandmother has made peace with her own mortality, not something many of us will get the chance to do. It is also a reminder that there is still pleasure to be found in the small things as long as she is alive.

There’s something quite special within Hannah’s personal music, and that’s how to balances her songwriting and production. Featuring long-term creative partner Stefano Della Casa (Ultra Music Publishing) on co-writing and producing duty, the duo are holding onto the track’s roots while uplifting it slightly with a silver-screen ready production. A bewitching single that has the power to make you feel, ’98’ is organic, featuring folk based lyrics, and an experience. Heartfelt and a relatable track as the years pass by, Hannah Scott has hit the nail on the head with the personal storytelling. Like something you’d hear in an iconic tv-show or movie scene of acceptance, ’98’ balances human connection and it’s warming production with grace. Hannah Scott deserves her name in lights, and I’m honoured to feature her on MoggBlog.


Sourface – Sweet Dreams Suburbia

Anglo-French quartet Sourface hail from London, and are diving into the indie rock world with surf rock based debut single ‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’. Bringing you up to speed, the band met at University, and were formed after playing a spontaneous gig following a ‘fake wedding’ in Derbyshire. If that’s not the wackiest formation story, then I don’t know what is. The band stated, “Sweet Dreams Suburbia is a satirical view of suburbia, deriving from a general sense of malaise and a longing to escape“. Matt on keys also added, “We’re really excited about the release of our first single, spreading the sort of positive vibes which everyone needs right now emerging out of lockdown.”

‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’ swims through melodies of energy, while holding onto a subtle darker message. Longing for something else, Sourface’s debut single generates happy vibes by reassuring that one day, you’ll be living the dream. An energetic track that glistens permanently in the sun, the single was recorded in Oxford at the Oxford Brookes School of Arts music studio with producer Scott Ellis. Weaving through a diverse range of influences, their poetic track is even layered with jazz and a bossa-nova added texture. Armed with a vintage looking music video, these guys remind me of a young Supergrass but cooler.


Kyanna – Day by Day

British singer-songwriter Kyanna returns with her third single since the start of the UK lockdown ‘Day By Day‘. Bathed in relatability, the single will speak to millions around the globe and tells the story of how all the days have merged into one. On the release, Kyanna stated, “I’ve always found the concept of time totally consuming and I try not to think about it too much, mainly because I feel like I don’t want to get old and also because I fear regret and want to accomplish so much. This song is about time passing above all.

My hope for this track is that people vibe with the chorus and play it at their summer bbq’s. If there is one thing the UK lockdown has taught me it’s that you can always make to time to listen and make music because I realise that that’s the only thing that is keeping my soul healthy and my life direction during this difficult time.” With flavourings of soul and electronic music in it’s core, ‘Day By Day’ is especially for the people that feel conflicting during these difficult times. Conflicted about what may happen next, the number is accompanied with a conscious to stay present and that, as things go, this will pass. Kyanna captures a tough time through her eyes, and showcases she’s one to watch.


Sacropolis – The Sinner

Frankfurt based newcomers Sacropolis unveil their second single to date ‘The Sinner‘. Building the momentum from their debut single ‘For You’, the hypnotic sound of this quartet is hard to ignore. With their message to spread passion through their music, and to have people walk out of their shows feeling moved, Sacropolis should be at the top of your list of artists to see once live music can come back again. On ‘The Sinner’, the band said, “Facing those uncertainties, the song tackles a man’s confession and his wish for forgiveness.

Entering on a silver platter, the melodic sequence of ‘The Sinner’ is a euphoric sound of straight forward indie rock. Light-hearted and a contagious spread of hope and forgiveness, the exceptional second single glides through contemporary guitar lines, powerful drums, smooth bass and vibrant vocals with purity. Featuring some of the most emotional vocals you’ll hear this month, this love song pleads for attention. Radiating in it’s own spotlight, the indie-pop anthem captures a band still at the beginning but highlights a mesmerising future ahead for them. Staying as far away from the title as you can get, ‘The Sinner’ is like cuddling you’re favourite person, you’re never ready to let go of them. A relieving number that illuminates itself as Sacropolis’ best single to date, listen to the glistening indie-pop anthem below.


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