Elisabeth Elektra – My Sisters

Glasgow based Elisabeth Elektra is one of those artists you find with complete energy. Diving into the realms of electronic pop, the songwriterโ€™s stunning โ€˜My Sistersโ€™ is the lead single from the recently released album โ€˜Mercurialโ€™. Something youโ€™d hear in an iconic movie scene where the protagonist is dancing in a bar, โ€˜My Sistersโ€™ is ready for the silver screen.

Elektra explains โ€œMy Sisters is a cabalistic anthem for witches, sex workers and marginalised women and femmes everywhere. Itโ€™s a celebration of female sexuality, magic and the wisdom that women and all marginalised people have developed as a result of living for so long under oppressive systems.โ€ 

An empowering single bathed in elegance, this songwriter streams with originality. โ€˜My Sistersโ€™ is new territory and destined to be on your playlist. 

Score: 4/5

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