MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #3

Ymi – Tomorrow Come

Lithuanian-born Londoner Ymi stormed onto the scene with her debut ‘Tomorrow Come’. Unleashing a strong indie meets electro-pop influence, the debut explores experimental pop and makes it distinctive. Stretching into the unknown and breaking down boundaries, Ymi is proving that she’s one to watch out for. With an upcoming self-produced album release just around the corner, the album’s called ‘Black Heart’ and signifies a strong statement that will go down in history in Ymi’s career. Ymi mentioned, ‘“Whilst in the middle of it all it’s easy to fall deep, become overwhelmed and wrongly assume that this is how things always were and forever will remain. However, tomorrow comes and life swiftly changes. It never fails to do so.’ Stating that this mantra is one to live by day by day, Ymi also stated “It’s a truth everyone knows, yet easily forgets. I can only hope that this song might remind at least one person of this.”

Atmospheric but leaving you suspending with tension of what tomorrow will unveil for the songwriter, it’s the synth tones that comfort whatever may lie ahead. In a time where the world is tense from what’s going to happen next with the pandemic, Ymi has hit the nail on the head with a desirable track. What makes the song so distinctive is how it balances the calm and storms of everyday life. Featuring the ups and downs, the use of melodic arpeggios summit the soundscape with ease. Iconic and showcasing her stunning vocal tones, the electronic artist has become a new favourite of mine and I’m sure she’ll be one of yours too.


Raymond Revel – Curious Man

American singer-songwriter Raymond Revel is one of those songwriters you find that instantly grabs your heart. With a comfortable discography sat behind him, it won’t come as a surprise that Raymond’s career has blossomed into a beautiful rose. Through the years, the songwriter has served as a background singer for Demi Lovato and Pharrell to name a few. Bringing experience to any table, it’s his songwriting ability that will pull at your heart-strings. Released back in April, ‘Curious Man’ unleashes a simplistic approach to music with a subtle folk-pop twist. On the release, Raymond stated, ‘The song itself is all about curiosity – stating through each verse how the curious man will have advantages over a hard working, talented, or confident man. It’s a thoughtful tune and I really worked hard on these lyrics.

With fragrances of the 60s era in the arrangement, the refreshing tune holds its head up firmly as a strong contender in Raymond’s discography to date. Sounding like the lovechild of Paul Simon and Jason Mraz, Raymond’s stunning single is set to raise eyebrows and smiles all across the globe during this tough time for us all. Showcasing that simplicity is sometimes the key in songwriting, ‘Curious Man’ unveils itself as a story, showcasing strong folk vibes in it’s core. It’s human and raw, but the production is polished making it feel comfortable it’s own skin. A breathtaking single that needs to be on your ‘chilled’ playlist right now!


Circumnavigate – Layer You Up

Nordic dream-pop outfit Circumnavigate are currently based in London, and they return with truly exceptional number ‘Layer You Up‘. Known for their ethereal soundscapes, the new single was released May 15th. Drawing comparisons from the likes of Billie Eilish, The Cinematic Orchestra and Lorde to name a few, Circumnavigate are a refreshing new face for the alt-pop world. Armed with delicacy and a cinematic approach to their songwriting, ‘Layer You Up is an angelic single that uses soft textures to get it’s point across. Circumnavigate told us, “The single is inspired by seeing someone having a hard time and offering to shield and protect them.” Comforting and being there as a shoulder to cry on, the beauty within this single is astonishing. 

Featuring an intimate production, lead vocalist Sigrid’s warm vocal tone guides across the instrumentation like watering flowing freely down a stream. Finely tuned dream-folk, if this single doesn’t rocket Circumnavigate to stardom, the world has gone mad. Poetically raw, ‘Layer You Up’ illuminates itself right in your face, not letting you ignore it. Something that could only be described as straight out of heaven, this emotive wonder is a breath of fresh air that needs your full attention. Check our Circumnavigate’s social media links and new single below. 


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