CATBEAR – Love and War (Review)

CATBEAR – Love and War

CATBEAR return with edgy break-up hit ‘Love and War’. Armed with the adrenaline to get you dancing around your house while in lockdown, the upbeat, synth-pop production features tinges of 80’s pop mixed with the refreshing sound of today’s present day. CATBEAR are a duo comprising of Zoe Konez and Sarah Smith, and are known for their 80’s synth meets 90’s riot grrrl attitude. Fully self-produced and self-released from Zoe’s home studio in London, the empowerment that this two-piece bring to the table is beaming with light.

On the release, CATBEAR mention, “Love and War is a reminiscence of a doomed love affair.. When you knew all along it was destined to end but there’s something magnetic, irresistible that pulls you along through it, and even at the end you can still look back fondly at the lustful wrestle towards the inevitable implosion”.

Love and War is a fascinating alt-pop anthem that should only be played loud. Fiercely distinctive and holding a strong head on it’s shoulders, the new single is destined for your feel-good playlist.

Score: 4/5


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