The Jamóns – Mommy Long Legs (Review)

The Jamóns – Mommy Long Legs

Los Angeles based rock and roll outfit The Jamóns are no strangers to good old fashioned rock and roll. Making sure their music is crafted with their influences of rock and roll, punk, blues, garage and even ska, they combine their masterful instrumentation with playful lyrics. Back with their third single of 2020, ‘Mommy Long Legs‘ is the type of track that
gives you an energy boost to dance away in your bedroom.

“Mommy Long Legs tells the story of a beautiful woman with legs for days, that is so greedy for material things that she’s likened to a spider.”

Armed with a fun-loving arrangement, Mommy Long Legs can only be described as an anthem. Can you picture grooving along to it at a live-show? Petition for The Jamóns to do a UK tour, once the pandemic has passed of course. With plans for more new music and live shows to come, The Jamóns are proving that rock and roll is far from over.

Score: 3/5


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